We aim to expose the art of dance to a variety of individuals, both disabled and non-disabled, of differing cultural backgrounds so that dance is made more accessible. 


Mission Statement:

to foster understanding of integrated dance among society while molding and enhancing the artistic abilities of aspiring, emerging, and professional dancers.

Program Statement:

Through community outreach, we speak to individuals about integrated dance and the need to make dance more inclusive. We also perform in various venues and festivals as a way to showcase integrated dance in spaces that typically don’t think beyond the mainstream dance scope. We also offer master classes through The Movement Series, which offers (2) hour dance classes for free to all individuals in various dance disciplines.




Associates & Dancers


marked dance project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas which means you can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting bit.ly/MDPdonate
William Paterson University; For The Benefit Of, INC.; Erin Pride; Jonnine DeLoatch; Jennifer Martinez; Dr. Nina Jemmot; Laisa Colon; Javier Ponce; The Mayer Family; Cherrie Rios;  James Sanders III; Vintastro; Brother Bruno’s; Robyn Ochs; Sukha Arts Center; Catherine Rock; Marie Penso-Belanich; Ruth Figueroa; Christine Chan; Nikah Fialkoff; Danielle Poupore; Lisa Niedermeyer; Liz Matejka Grossman; Carlos Geigel; Valerie Mancinelli; Victoria Nauta; Tina Lesher; Rathini Kandavel; Ilka R. Giges; Sean Graham; Jose Ramos; Jo-Ann Webb; Melissa Smithling; Dayanna Torres; Leah Vernon; Nicole Maney; Julie & Bruce Silver